Ambria is more than a teacher to me. She is a friend, guide, inspiration, and many other things. I am a very sensitive psychic and Ambria has provided me with tools and knowledge that has increased my understanding of yoga, energy, love and myself. I am constantly in awe of her knowledge and willingness to teach. Even after my teacher training I feel supported by her. She has changed my life is more ways than even she knows. To study with her is more than an honor. It is a Blessing.

Rev Sensei Joseph hall RYT

Ambria was a guest teacher during my Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in Kerala, India. Her natural warmth & beauty shine the moment you meet her.  She engaged and encouraged our entire group to feel relaxed and connected. The atmosphere created was peaceful and grounding. Chanting, music & crystals were used in an organic way within her teaching.
She shared wonderful experiences & knowledge of yoga, chakras, crystals & holistic therapies in such a way which inspired me greatly to want to explore & continue to learn. 

At times in her class I was touched deeply by our group discussions which made me want to look deeper into myself to enquire & make sense of some of my own personal experiences and life journey. I feel very lucky to have met Ambria. She has inspired me in many ways that I cannot even explain. She has a beautiful way of living life and balancing her gifts with what she loves to do as her job which I admire. To have the opportunity to spend a month with her in a place so special to her and her family was a special experience.

I would highly recommend Ambria to future students and look forward to meeting her again very soon as a student, fellow yogi and friend.

Elaine Gemmell, Ireland, RYT


As a yoga instructer, Ambria has an amazing talent of creating challenging yet enjoyable yoga classes.  So enjoyable in fact, that you always return for more.  A year of her classes opened up my musculoskeletal system for the first time in my life, and the benefits were enormous. 

Dr. Robert Baker, Osteopathic Physician


"Ambria lives yoga and teaches with love and a deep understanding. I learned so much from her!"

~ Maayan Shenhar ~ Yoga Instructor RYT & Personal Trainer


I am grateful for having crossed paths with Ambria in this lifetime.....I am certain we have shared other lifetimes before... She has taught me to love the practice of yoga and it's spiritual intentions. In addition, I was fortunate to take her one on one 200 hour Teacher Training course, last summer. I earned my Teacher Certificate on August 31, 2013, on the once in a blue full moon. TRULY AMAZING JOURNEY!!!

The course with Ambria was worth every minuet and dollar spent. In addition to the course I learned about diet, exercise. and more important the spiritual journey.

I now understand, that in order to heal others through the teaching of Yoga, I must heal myself. I now understand the why I did things or felt the way I felt. Or the why of my relationships. Ambria challenged me to face my demons. And yes....in week two when I wanted to give up, she challenged me to move through my pain. And I am glad she did!!! I HAVE ALSO LEARNED FORGIVENESS, TO HELP ME MOVE FOWARD.

I will forever remain indebted to Ambria for the wonderful gift of Yoga and it's teachings. We will forever remain connected!!! I look foward to continue to learn from Ambria She truly is a kindred spirit. She has traveled the world and has exprerienced so much in her life. One can only grow from her teachings.....Someday I will go on a Yoga retreat with Ambria in India!

P.S. if you think you will coast .....forget it! Ambria's level one class is truly a Level three!! Follow her direction and you are garunteed to live a more fufilled life.

~ Hon Doris Gonzalez, Yoga Instructor RYT, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer


 I have been doing Yoga now for 3 yrs and I have Ambria to thank for that. She has made my Yoga experience become one of the most positive things in my life that I continue to practice. Yes at first I was very intimidated with the new forms at first but with Ambria help with along with my classmates I grew stronger. Now I can hold Plank for a whole two minutes! I even learned how to eat better and find out what really good to eat and not to eat. 

With her classes I was able to absorb knowledge of the body and soul. Now I have a personal state of being, full of insight and tranquility.

~ Phil, Yoga Student NYC


  "What words can I use to best describe my experience with having Ambria as my instructor? Confidence; Inspiration; Love; Strength; Sweat; Determination; Invigorating; Pure Shakti power!!!!! Ambria is a very dynamic and multitalented beauty who's spirit is filled with bliss and pure abundance. Need I say more?"

~ Jade Laser, Yoga Instructor RYT NYC


Ambria is an amazing teacher, mentor, friend and who I also consider Sister. Taking her yoga classes, she has awakened in me a spirituality beyond belief. She is an amazing teacher with yoga, with meditations, and her 'yoga-lities' class is awesome. I look forward to taking many more yoga classes with her in the future and hope to take the teacher training with her also.

~ Sandi, Yoga Student, Crystal Healer & Reiki Practitioner NYC


In writing this testimonial, which I was honored,to be invited to do, I reminisce on how amazing and life-changing the Zoga Yoga training was. I was part of the first group of Zoga Yoga teacher trainees. Ambria challenged us every day, pushing us to do better, and supported us every step of the way, in person and with early morning emails.

As our teacher, she not only pushed us to grow and be present, but always encouraged us. She found the greatness in each of her trainees, always gave us words of encouragement, and was always willing to offer advice if we asked for it. I greatly enjoyed the spirituality of the training and the linking of our practice to Hinduism and Indian culture. For example, during our asana practice Ambria related the story of the Lotus Blossom coming up through the mud and blossoming; another time we heard the story of Krishna eating the mud and his mother seeing all of creation when he opens his mouth for her.

If I trained elsewhere, I don’t know what kind of yoga instructor I would be today, or if I would still be teaching at all. Zoga Yoga training helped me develop a love of teaching yoga and of learning more each day about yogic philosophy and styles. I feel more complete thanks to my Zoga Yoga 200 hour teacher training.

~ Nicole Sidman, Yoga Instructor RYT, NYC



" The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life "
- B.K.S. Iyengar

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