Reiki is an acient Japanese technique for stress reduction, healing & rejuventation. Ambria is a Certified REIKI Master and Crystal Healer. She is available for private sessions and trainings/attunements. People experience warmth, visions, healing, past life experiences and various other experiences after Reiki. It is not connected at any religious practice and meant to bring peace to both giver & receiver. This is an excellent tool for all because it deepens our sense of compassion, and therefore is a beautiful tool for all who practice yoga, teach yoga, people who work in spas, schools, hospitals, or even those who just want to balance the energy that is around their own environment. Many hospitals are offering Reiki Worldwide after witnessing the positive relaxation & healing benefits it brings to their patients.

Ambria has offered Reiki in hospices, hospitals, schools, and with yoga students, and it always has positive results and feedback. BENEFITS OF REIKI: While the list of benefits for reiki are endless here are some...Deep relaxation, stress release, acceleration of body's self healing ability, better sleep, reduces of blood pressure, helps with acute and chronic problems, rejuvenates immune system, removes energy blocks, restores balance and harmony, increases vitality, and helps with spiritual growth and emotional clearing. REIKI SESSIONS: Gentle laying of hands on the body, use of ancient symbols for restoration and balance.


REIKI 1 ATTUNEMENT: Learn Reiki for self healing, learn cleansing & grounding, learn how to give reiki to people,and things in your environment.

  • How Reiki works, Uses/Benefits of Reiki

  • The History of Reiki, Precepts

  • A review of Japanese Reiki Techniques

  • Hand positions, Energizing Meditation, Dr. Usui's techniques, attunement.


REIKI 2 ATTUNEMENT: Learn Reiki 2 symbols. Learn how to use symbols, aura intro, distance reiki and receive attuenements.

  • Review of Reiki 1, Reiki Symbols their uses, benefits

  • Good Habits with Reiki

  • How to send distance reiki, timeline reiki, visualize auras, new techniques.

  • Level 2 Attunement


REIKI 3 ATTUNEMENT :  Use of crystals to grid room, review symbols and learn new symbols, attunements.

  • Review of Reiki 1 and 2, Additional symbols and their uses, benefits

  • Good Habits with Reiki

  • How to send distance reiki, crystal grid rooms and receivers.

  • Level 3 Attunement


REIKI MASTER : This is for those who want to be Reiki Teachers. Intensive experience with attunements, new symbols and indepth review.

  • Review of Reiki 1, 2 and 3, Additional symbols and their uses, benefits

  • Good Habits with Reiki and use of crystals, chakras, review of Dr. Usui techniques

  • How to teach and give attunements

  • Reiki Master Attunement


CRYSTAL HEALING SESSION : Use of crystals to create an energy grid, balance chakras, heal meridians and marma points. Enhance awareness of past & present life. Cutting chords, and bringing peace to the individual and elixirs to bring harmony.

" Everything comes at the right time and is perfect exactly as it is at that moment "
- Sri Dharma Mittra

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